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Admiral Benbow Tavern
Sudostroitelnaya St

Admiral Benbow Tavern directions
The Admiral Benbow Tavern is a very good place for the romantics. It is located in the bight of Moscow River and occupies two ships. The first ship contains the restaurant, the billiards, and the VIP-zone ("captain's cabin"). The second ship houses the chill out area and barbecue on the upper deck.
The interior decoration matches the name of the restaurant. It is designed in sea style. The entrance-room looks like a spacious ship cabin. The figure of one-eyed pirate admiral Benbow greets the guests. The walls are decorated with objects related to sea thematic, the halls feature aquariums with fishes and turtles, and under the ceiling one can see artificial sea-gulls. The cannons in loopholes and sharks caught in a net complete the interior decoration. The menus are covered with leather folders with inscription: "Welcome to the board!"
In the restaurant there are the so-called "captain's cabins". Each of them is intended for 10 guests. They are decorated with stylized steering-wheels and "pirates' treasures" displayed in glass cases.

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Admiral Benbow Tavern

Admiral Benbow Tavern

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