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Yaponsky Gorodovoy Restaurant
Tverskaya St., 17

Yaponsky Gorodovoy Restaurant directions
The small and cozy Yaponsky Gorodovoy Restaurant is situated close to Pushkinskaya Square. In contrast to other Moscow oriental restaurant the Yaponsky Gorodovoy specializing in Japanese cuisine is decorated in modern style and features just few exotic national details. The restaurant is arranged and decorated according to the principles of feng shui. The walls of the halls are made of stone, the interior features the abundant use of beech, metal and opal glass, all these make the hall looks strict and refined. The main hall features only 6 tables, there are also 3 tatami-rooms each seating up to 8 people. The glass tables are illuminated from beneath with candles.
The Yaponsky Gorodovoy offers a great choice of traditional Japanese dishes. Along with the standard for any Japanese restaurant dishes with raw fish the menu represents Miso soup, Salad from green and brown algae, Teppanyaki mixed grill cooked on Teppan (the Japanese oven). One of the rules the Yaponsky Gorodovoy sticks to is that in cooking all dishes only fresh fish is used.
In the wine carte the standard selection of spirits is complemented with Japanese rice and plump wines, sake and Japanese whisky.
It is worth mentioning that the waiters of the Yaponsky Gorodovoy not only knows well but also carry out all the ceremonies considered necessary according to the Japanese etiquette.

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Yaponsky Gorodovoy Restaurant

Yaponsky Gorodovoy Restaurant

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